Finding the Perfect Guelph LED Warehouse Lighting Solution

Warehouse lighting presents significant challenges to overcome due to the nature of these commercial buildings and the unique lighting requirements. Warehouses tend to have few windows which greatly reduces the availability of natural light. High ceilings and elevated shelving are also obstacles that need to be taken into consideration. Large flooring surfaces and different unique areas further complicate the process of finding the best lighting solution.

Retrofitting an existing warehouse lighting system to LED lighting will have many significant benefits over traditional lighting systems. LED lighting is a perfect choice for retrofitting warehouse lighting because the lighting is incredibly efficient while offering exceptional lighting options that effectively overcome warehouse lighting challenges.

A well-planned LED retrofit using LED fixtures can make it possible to:

  • Reduce monthly energy bills by up to 50%
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs
  • Become more environmentally friendly
  • Improve worker safety
  • Qualify for rebates of up to 50% for the capital costs from Save On Energy Ontario

An energy audit by a professional LED retrofit company will be very useful in determining how much energy can be saved and how an LED retrofit project can improve the overall operating costs for the warehouse.

LED Lighting is Perfect for Warehouses
LED Lighting is Perfect for Warehouses

Higher ceilings present significant challenges when it comes to effective lighting. Lights need to be powerful in order to provide effective lighting. This would traditionally require higher wattage bulbs, but LED lights can provide the same levels of powerful lighting using as little as 50% of the power that traditional incandescent and fluorescents bulbs require. LED light fixtures also provide the opportunity to finely tune the direction of the lighting to make it even more effective. LED lighting can be further customized to effectively showcase important merchandise and create an ambience if necessary.

High ceilings make it difficult to change burned out bulbs. LED lights offer superior lifespans and durability - LED fixtures can last up to 20 years before they need to be replaced. This offers maintenance savings in terms of actual replacement costs of the bulbs, and other significant costs like the use of a forklift or lift (if necessary) to change the bulb.

Warehouses can be hard to keep cool, especially in the warm summer months. Traditional types of lighting produce large amounts of heat, but LED lighting runs much cooler. This can help save costs on air conditioning and help contribute to a more comfortable work environment.

Completing Your Guelph LED Warehouse Retrofit Project
Completing Your Guelph LED Warehouse Retrofit Project

With all the amazing benefits that come from retrofitting to LED lighting, it is easy to see why so many commercial buildings are making moves to upgrade. Reputable and trusted LED lighting companies will offer a complimentary energy assessment to provide a clear picture of the efficiency improvements that can be expected from an LED retrofit project. A professional energy assessment is important regardless of whether you have already decided if LED lighting is right for your warehouse, or if you are interested in seeing what level of savings you can expect.

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